Are You An Empowered Leader?

Are You An Empowered Leader?

Empowering Leadership: Insights from Ashley Brundage

In the latest episode of the "FeelSwell Cultures" podcast, we delve into the concept of empowerment with the remarkable Ashley Brundage. Her journey from homelessness to becoming a prominent leader in diversity and inclusion offers invaluable lessons for leaders everywhere. This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to foster empowerment within themselves and their teams.

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Discovering the Path to Empowerment

Ashley Brundage, the Founder and President of Empowering Differences, joins us to share her transformative journey. She discusses the four crucial steps to empowerment, providing actionable insights into how leaders can empower themselves and those around them. Her story is not just about personal triumph but also about leveraging differences to drive positive change in leadership and organizational culture.

Episode Highlights:

  • Four Steps of Empowerment: Ashley outlines a clear framework for leaders to follow.
  • Empowering Actions: Practical steps to implement empowerment in your daily leadership practices.
  • Embracing Differences: Understanding how diversity can lead to stronger, more effective leadership.

From Homelessness to Leadership

Ashley’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. Facing harassment, discrimination, and homelessness, she rose to become the National Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion at a major financial institution in less than five years. Her experiences highlight the importance of resilience and the power of embracing one’s unique differences.

Key Takeaways:

  • Innovation through Diversity: Ashley’s success demonstrates how diverse perspectives can lead to innovative solutions.
  • Resilience and Determination: Her journey underscores the importance of perseverance in the face of adversity.
  • Leadership Empowerment: By following Ashley’s four steps, leaders can create more inclusive and empowering environments.

Achievements and Impact

Ashley’s dedication to promoting awareness and acceptance of gender identity and expression has earned her numerous accolades, including:

  • The University of South Florida 2014 Community Pride Award
  • 2016 Tampa Bay Business Journal Business Woman of the Year
  • 2018 Florida’s Most Powerful and Influential Women from the National Diversity Council
  • 2022 Compassionate Leader Award from Forbes

Her work with organizations like the NGLCC-National LGBT Chamber of Commerce and GLAAD reflects her commitment to accelerating acceptance and fostering inclusive communities.

Connect with Ashley Brundage: To learn more about Ashley and her work, visit

Join the Conversation

Are you struggling to feel empowered as a leader? Do you want to learn actionable steps to uplift your team? Tune in to this episode to gain insights from Ashley’s experiences and discover how to harness the power of diversity to foster a stronger, more inclusive leadership style.

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About the Podcast Host: 

Keely Antonio is the dynamic CEO and Co-Founder of FeelSwell Experiences, where she crafts immersive off-site adventures that blend the tranquility of nature with strategic business planning. Celebrated for her expertise in fostering team connection, enhancing mental health, and cultivating vibrant workplace cultures, Keely has been featured on CNBC, the Today Show, and numerous podcasts. Her entrepreneurial journey began after experiencing burnout, fueling her mission to create environments where team members feel valued, connected, and inspired.

With a passion for thriving workplace environments, Keely launched FeelSwell Cultures—a podcast that explores and celebrates workplaces where employees experience genuine well-being and fulfillment. Join Keely as she engages with inspiring CEOs, leaders, HR professionals, and employees from companies at the forefront of cultivating positive and innovative workplace cultures. Each episode provides valuable insights and strategies on leadership, life, and building healthy work environments, helping listeners to create and sustain workplaces where everyone can thrive.

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