How Leaders Can Prevent and Overcome Toxic Workplaces

How Leaders Can Prevent and Overcome Toxic Workplaces

Featuring Eric from Red Clover on the "FeelSwell Cultures" Podcast

In the latest episode of the "FeelSwell Cultures" podcast, we had the privilege of speaking with Eric, the Director of Operations at Red Clover. With over 15 years of experience in people management, Eric shares his journey from navigating toxic workplaces to becoming an effective and compassionate leader. His insights are invaluable for anyone looking to create a healthy and productive workplace culture.

Meet Eric: A Journey from Toxicity to Leadership

Eric has been a vital part of the Red Clover team for over five years, rising through the ranks to his current role as Director of Operations. His background in HR consulting and university housing has equipped him with unique skills in change management and people leadership. Eric's ability to approach problems from multiple angles and his preference for data-driven decision-making help CEOs, COOs, and founders scale their businesses effectively.

Eric's Insights on Toxic Work Environments

During our conversation, Eric delves into his personal experience of working in a toxic environment and the lessons he learned. He shares the red flags that signal a toxic culture and provides practical strategies leaders can implement to prevent toxicity from taking root. Here are some key points discussed in the episode:

  • Defining a Toxic Work Environment: Eric explains the characteristics of a toxic workplace based on his personal experience.
  • Coping Mechanisms and Lessons Learned: Discover how Eric managed to survive a toxic environment and the crucial lessons he took away.
  • Influence on Current Career: Learn how Eric's past experiences shape his approach to leadership today.
  • Importance of Core Values and Culture: Eric emphasizes the role of core values and company culture in combating toxicity.
  • Advice for Business Owners: Practical tips for business owners on fostering a supportive and respectful workplace.

Tune In to Learn More

Are you worried about the signs of a toxic work environment? Are you searching for ways to foster a healthy, productive workplace culture? Join us to gain valuable insights from Eric on identifying and addressing toxic behaviors, creating a supportive atmosphere, and becoming a leader who prioritizes well-being and respect.

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Eric's Bio:

Eric has served as a member of the Red Clover team for over five years, moving from Consultant to Senior Consultant, and now serves as Director of Operations. With over 15 years of experience in people management, Eric guides his team in leveraging their communication styles and unique skills to best serve their clients. He holds a SHRM-SCP designation and is certified through TTI Success Insights.

When not advising CEOs, COOs, and founders, Eric enjoys reading, riding his Peloton, or training for his next Disney race.

Connect with Eric and learn more about his journey and expertise by listening to this insightful episode.

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About the Podcast Host: 

Keely Antonio is the dynamic CEO and Co-Founder of FeelSwell Experiences, where she crafts immersive off-site adventures that blend the tranquility of nature with strategic business planning. Celebrated for her expertise in fostering team connection, enhancing mental health, and cultivating vibrant workplace cultures, Keely has been featured on CNBC, the Today Show, and numerous podcasts. Her entrepreneurial journey began after experiencing burnout, fueling her mission to create environments where team members feel valued, connected, and inspired.

With a passion for thriving workplace environments, Keely launched FeelSwell Cultures—a podcast that explores and celebrates workplaces where employees experience genuine well-being and fulfillment. Join Keely as she engages with inspiring CEOs, leaders, HR professionals, and employees from companies at the forefront of cultivating positive and innovative workplace cultures. Each episode provides valuable insights and strategies on leadership, life, and building healthy work environments, helping listeners to create and sustain workplaces where everyone can thrive.

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