What Employees Truly Want in 2024 and How Your Company Can Deliver

What Employees Truly Want in 2024 and How Your Company Can Deliver

As someone who has navigated the corporate world and emerged as a Gen Z entrepreneur, I've got a unique lens on what makes employees tick and what could have retained someone like me. Let's break it down, shall we?


Flexibility isn't just a buzzword; it's a culture-shifter. Imagine empowering your employees to integrate their personal lives seamlessly into their work routines. It's not just about attracting talent; it's about crafting a workplace that people are excited to be a part of.

Picture this: at 12 PM, I'm gearing up for my boxing class just five minutes from home. This isn't just a workout; it's my brain break. I need to focus on hitting the bag and my mit holder; otherwise, I might get a surprise jab in the face. It's the perfect reset for me.

What's remarkable about this routine? I don't need to spend extra time contemplating my outfit. I roll out in my gym attire, ready to conquer the day. This isn't just about flexibility; it's a culture shift. Imagine your employees seamlessly blending their personal lives into their work routines. It's not just attracting talent; it's creating a workplace that people genuinely look forward to.


Structure isn't about rigid rules but a strategic roadmap. For high achievers like me, a clear and constructive performance review was the structure I craved. It's about turning career growth from an ambiguous idea into a tangible plan. 

Imagine this: I'm eyeing that dream house, and I've been asking myself, "Can I make it happen with that long-awaited raise?" Structured plans and clear goals can turn dreams into reality.

We all crave a sense of direction – a map that outlines our journey within the organization. What does it take to get that promotion, a salary bump, or maybe that coveted corner office?

Strong Leadership:

Leadership isn't just a title; it's a commitment to nurturing your greatest asset—your people. Imagine having a team that is not only productive but also feels cared for, guided, and integral to the bigger picture. 

I want leaders who inspire, guide, and genuinely care about my success. Today's leadership has to lead with heart. When they lead with heart they can make work feel less like a transaction and more like a place where everyone can thrive.

At FeelSwell Experiences, we're not just about talking – we're all about making work better through real experiences. As a somatic therapist and a gay woman who left the corporate grind, I know firsthand the importance of leadership that's all about knowing yourself, understanding, communication, and being there for your team.

We're here to team up with leaders like you, making sure they lead with heart, communicate clearly, and take on their role with genuine care. Our workshops, company chats, and talks go beyond the usual – they're immersive, engaging experiences that bring about real change.

In our world, there's always room to grow, connect, and lead with purpose.

Are you in an HR role at your organization? Let's Connect!

If you're passionate about transforming your workplace into a hub of well-being, our team at FeelSwell is here to guide you. Book a personalized session with us to explore tailored strategies that resonate with your organization's unique culture. Together, let's create a workplace where well-being isn't just a priority; it's a way of life.

At FeelSwell Experiences, We Believe:

🌟 In Holistic Leadership: Our programs go beyond traditional leadership development, integrating wellness strategies for resilient and high-performing teams.

🤝 In Tailored Experiences: Every workshop is crafted to align with the unique goals and vision of your leadership team, ensuring a bespoke and impactful journey.

💼 In Nurturing Workplace Well-Being: We are committed to reshaping the corporate landscape by fostering well-being at its core, recognizing its pivotal role in organizational success.

🌐 In the Future of Work: With an eye on 2024 and beyond, we navigate the evolving professional landscape, equipping teams with essential skills for the workplace of tomorrow.

🤔 In Conversations for Change: Starting from the C-suite to middle managers and every individual, we believe that well-being conversations are the catalysts for transformative change.

🤲 In the Power of Connection: FeelSwell is more than a program; it's a community. We believe in building connections that support individuals on their journey to thriving personally and professionally.

Book a call here: https://calendly.com/feelswellexperiences/feelswell-company-solutions-consultation

About the Author: Keely - Catalyst for Change

Keely is a renowned somatic therapist, mental health advocate, and a sought-after expert in sustainable success through mindset, wellness, relationships, and impact. She has had the privilege of working with thousands of diverse professionals, leaders, business owners, conferences, organizations, and colleges globally as they pursue success while incorporating mental well-being into their lives.

Having departed from a corporate role as a Gen Z employee, Keely brings a unique perspective to the challenges faced by highly driven individuals in the professional realm. With appearances on the TODAY show, numerous podcasts, and media outlets, she provides an "insider's edge" into the distinctive intersection of success and well-being.

Keely's insights not only enhance the overall well-being of her clients but also drive transformative change within organizations. Currently residing in San Diego, California, she shares her life and business journey with her partner, Dani, and their dachshund, Max. Join Keely as she shares valuable insights on navigating the evolving landscape of well-being in the corporate world.

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