Keely Antonio on How to Work with Gen Z (Featured on Elaine Lou's Podcast: WOC and Allies: Business and Career Realtalk)

Keely Antonio on How to Work with Gen Z (Featured on Elaine Lou's Podcast: WOC and Allies: Business and Career Realtalk)

In a world where generational stereotypes prevail, understanding and effectively working with Gen Z in the workplace is more important than ever.

Join Elaine Lou in her latest episode of the WOC & Allies: Business & Career Realtalk Podcast, where she sits down with Keely Antonio, co-founder of FeelSwell Experiences and a leading expert in future of work innovation and team connection.

In this insightful conversation, Keely shares her expertise on bridging the generation gap, debunking stereotypes, and fostering effective communication across all age groups. Discover why questioning traditional work and life paradigms is a positive step forward, and learn practical strategies for building meaningful relationships in an era influenced by social media and the pandemic.

Key Topics Covered:

  • The importance of embracing change and questioning traditional norms
  • Strategies for effective leadership and communication across generations
  • Navigating shifts in relationship-building influenced by social media and the pandemic

Listen to the full episode here to gain valuable insights into working with Gen Z and creating a more sustainable and inclusive workplace culture.

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To your team's success,

Keely Antonio
Co-Founder, FeelSwell Experiences
Building Feel Swell Cultures

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