FeelSwell Cultures Podcast

FeelSwell Cultures is your go-to podcast for discovering fresh, fun strategies to supercharge team dynamics, boost employee well-being, and future-proof your organization. Perfect for CEOs, HR pros, team leaders, and business owners, we dive into lively discussions with industry experts to help you create a thriving, resilient workplace!

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About The Podcast Host

Keely Antonio is the dynamic CEO and Co-Founder of FeelSwell Experiences, where she crafts immersive off-site adventures that blend the tranquility of nature with strategic business planning. Celebrated for her expertise in fostering team connection, enhancing mental health, and cultivating vibrant workplace cultures, Keely has been featured on CNBC, the Today Show, and numerous podcasts. Her entrepreneurial journey began after experiencing burnout, fueling her mission to create environments where team members feel valued, connected, and inspired.

With a passion for thriving workplace environments, Keely launched FeelSwell Cultures—a podcast that explores and celebrates workplaces where employees experience genuine well-being and fulfillment. Join Keely as she engages with inspiring CEOs, leaders, HR professionals, and employees from companies at the forefront of cultivating positive and innovative workplace cultures. Each episode provides valuable insights and strategies on leadership, life, and building healthy work environments, helping listeners to create and sustain workplaces where everyone can thrive.