FeelSwell's Impactful Collaborations:

Discover the transformative projects we've undertaken at FeelSwell, where we partner with organizations and events to create more successful leaders through wellness-driven strategies.

Conference Wellness Testimonials

"FeelSwell infused more wellness into our conference and brought spirit and light, morning to night. Keely rocked it, empowering all of us to be ourselves"- Lisa, DEI Champion

"It is such a pleasure to know FeelSwell. They are an inspiration to me and everyone who met them.. I am SO looking forward to the next event we get to experience together"- Jessica, CEO

One standout collaboration involved an inspiring LGBTQ+ wellness company, where we coordinated a captivating experience in a heartwarming self-love retreat. With a shared passion for inclusivity and empowerment, we curated connection circles, mental health branded goodie bags + meditation workshops.

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Emotion-Driven Activities

Alongside the event hosts, we crafted a compelling narrative around self-acceptance, self-expression, and personal growth, tapping into the emotions and experiences of the LGBTQ+ community. From there, our facilitators led impact-driven activities and workshops around those topics.

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Influential Partnerships

We crafted a mental health goodie bag for retreat participants because we believe in nurturing holistic well-being. By providing these thoughtful items, our goal was to support and uplift attendees on their journey to mental and emotional wellness, ensuring they left the retreat feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and equipped with tools for self-care.

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Immersive Retreat Experience

We curated the internal programming, strategy and partnerships for an unforgettable self-love retreat, carefully designed to foster a sense of connection, healing, and growth. The retreat provided a safe and inclusive space for attendees to embrace their authentic selves.

The Impact

The campaign's heartwarming message of self-love and acceptance struck a chord with people worldwide. The campaign's social media reach, combined with the powerful storytelling, touched the lives of millions, inspiring a collective movement of self-affirmation and support. The self-love retreat became a transformative experience for attendees, fostering lasting connections and empowering them to embrace their true selves confidently.

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